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A quick glimpse of Carnain! 😎

The name "Carnain" means multiple piles of stones used to show hikers the correct way to proceed along a path when it's not clear.

"The tendency of these piles is that they get torn down by strong winds, and then people come to build them up again, much like the lifecycle of computer systems and applications. But it also has a human element in it. You don't have systems without People" - Øyvind Nernæs, Founder at Carnain.

We are a multicultural team with members from different nationalities, backgrounds, and work experiences. This makes us a very creative group with a good assortment of skills, perspectives, and ideas.

The perfect blend to help you conquer your ideas!


  • Java, JavaScript.

  • C, C++, ActiveX.

  • Sharepoint, Microsoft Dynamics.

  • JQuery, React, MongoDB, MySQL.

  • Powershell, Python, VBScript.

  • English, Arabic, Croatian, Norwegian, Belgium, French, Dutch, Kurdish.


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